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Access to green products and green building techniques is a critical part of the green building process. We set out to prove that a remodeled home could make considerable strides in all 7 areas of green building, while at the same time, creating a home that is consistent with the quality and character of the neighborhood.

In addition, we wanted to demonstrate that a green remodeling project does not require radical or very expensive technologies. We showed how many easy-to-implement initiatives can add up; creating a big improvement in the overall performance of the house.

Top 10 List. Here is a short summary of the key initiatives undertaken in the Green Makeover Home - those steps that had the biggest impact in each area of green building. click here>>

The Long List. Also, you can review an exhaustive list of everything "green" done to the Green Makeover Home. Beyond our "Partners" (listed on the right column of this page), here's where you will find links to the many vendors and suppliers that supplied the important products and services used in this unique home.  click here>>


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