The Long List
of Green Makeover Home Features.

Here's is an exhaustive list of everything "green" done to the Green Makeover Home. Also, you will find links to many of the vendors and suppliers that offer green products. Note that, in some cases, an initiative may cross over multiple aspects of green building.

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  • Reused existing home, previously developed site
  • In city location near public resources to reduce travel demand
  • Protected natural resources during construction
  • Removed only trees in footprint of construction
  • Sent long trees to mill for reuse
  • Silt fences to prevent silt runoff
  • Stockpiled good topsoil for final grading
  • Designed driveway and terracing to reduce long-term erosion
  • House takes advantage of large shade trees to reduce energy consumption
  • Mulched disturbed areas immediately to reduce erosion
  • Low impact landscape plan
  • Minimized turf grass which consumes a lot of water
  • Regionally appropriate draught resistant plants
  • Vegetative windbreaks to the North
  • Maintained floor, roof and exterior wall structures of original house
  • Use of open web floor trusses reduces material usage
  • De-nailed lumber from removed walls for reuse in project
  • De-nailed all interior trim for reuse in project
  • Cabinets removed and donated to Habitat for Humanity
  • Windows removed and donated for reuse
  • Fireplace boxes removed and donated for reuse
  • Exterior siding removed, de-nailed and donated for reuse
  • Stairs removed from house and reused in garage
  • Advanced framing techniques reduces lumber consumption
  • Original and new construction all at 2' intervals improving efficiency
  • Maintained original window sizing to reduce framing changes
  • Detailed framing plans used to reduce cut scrap
  • Queen sized brick, reduced materials, local supplier
  • Reclaimed stone veneer
  • Recycled content countertops and
  • Oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing
  • Recycled content, locally produced roof shingles
  • Reclaimed interior windows and doors
  • Kept original driveway to reduce waste
  • Used remainder block and concrete as patio fill
  • Recycled content fiber cementous siding and trim
  • Aluminum Clad-wood windows installed to reduce exterior finishing
  • All exterior entries are covered for water protection
  • Extended roof overhangs to improve water shed and solar shading
  • New foundation perimeter drain and upgraded waterproofing
  • Internal footing perimeter drain system for added protection
  • Treated framing material next to all masonry for rot protection
  • Drip edges on roofs keep sheathing dry
  • Gutters to collect water away from foundation
  • Impregnated, low-VOC, OSB sub floor
  • Wrapped entire house with Water Resistive Barrier
  • Fiber-cement exterior trim and panels for rot protection
  • Treated sub-fascia board for rot resistance and gutter durability
  • Sealed concrete floor to reduce moisture migration
  • Steel brackets for deck and porch connections
  • Prefinished hurricane-salvaged cypress decking
  • Resilient floors for durability
  • Precast concrete caps for foundation help shed water
  • Soundproofed theater room reduces noise
  • Ducted AV runs allows for future AV upgrades without deconstruction
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Formaldehyde-free bat insulation
  • Insulated headers above windows and doors
  • Advanced framing allows improved insulation
  • Properly sized HVAC equipment
  • Efficient, Dual Stage, variable speed air handlers
  • Whole house media filters
  • Programmable, humidity control thermostats
  • Insulation pad under concrete slab floors
  • Exterior house wrap to reduce air infiltration
  • Sealed and conditioned crawlspace
  • Sealed and conditioned attic
  • All recessed lights within thermal envelope
  • Highly efficient 16 SEER air conditioning
  • 95% AFUE gas furnaces
  • All HVAC ductwork and equipment within conditioned space
  • HVAC trunk lines designed in efficient straight run down center of home
  • All HVAC ducts and outlets sealed with mastic
  • Sealed and vented or glass doors on fireplaces
  • Window performance exceeds Energy Star requirements
  • HVAC system 3rd party verified for proper performance and balance
  • House 3rd party tested for air leakage
  • HVAC commissioning
  • Return ducts or transfer grills in all bedrooms
  • No ductwork in exterior walls
  • Fresh air make up sources for house
  • Timer controlled Energy Star exhaust fans in all bathrooms
  • Solar hot water system
  • Highly-effiecient, well insulated backup water heater
  • Point of use instant hot water tap in kitchen
  • Insulated hot water pipes
  • Near 100% Fluorescent lighting in home
  • Occupancy sensors for lighting control
  • Added south facing windows for improved daylighting
  • Added dormer windows to transfer light to interior rooms
  • Interior windows to transfer light to interior rooms
  • Energy Star appliances
  • Properly sized roof overhangs reduces solar heat gain in summer
  • Existing and new shade trees to south and west
  • Windows located to facilitate cross ventilation
  • Wine cellar below grade takes advantage of earth temp
  • Whole house home control system helps manage resources 
  • Remote garage light and door controls ensures energy savings
  • Purchased GreenPower for temp power during construction
  • Fully documented homeowner's manual
  • Maintenance schedules for all house systems
  • Resources for maintenance
  • Homeowner walkthrough and training session
  • Encourage recycling through built-in recycling bins
  • Sustainable certified lumber
  • Recycled waste from jobsite offsite
  • Reduced local heat island effects through shade trees
  • Low or no-VOC paints and finishes reduces impact on ozone layer
  • Unused and reclaimed materials donated to Habitat for Humanity
  • Purchased as many products as possible from local vendors
  • Locally harvested and milled Southern Yellow Pine T&G

We have strived to include all vendors and product sources who worked with us on this project. If we failed to include you on the list, please let us know so we can add you.

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